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Here you can find our Applications and forms, please choose the application that best suits your needs and follow the instructions for application on the pages that follow.

Fresh-Start Program
We can help you rebuild your credit
Repair your credit AND get the cash you need With our Fresh-Start Program, you can borrow up to your credit limit AND add up to $2,000 to pay off other creditors
The higher your FICO score, the less you pay

Your credit score determines the credit that’s available to you, the terms and the interest rates. The good news! - you can improve your credit score by improving how you handle credit.
It’s a vital part of your credit health.

Not a member of the Credit Union?
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE now going on. All application fees WAIVED!
  • The convenience of AUTOMATIC PAYROLL DEDUCTION - save on postage!
  • Pay off high-interest credit card debt - without transferring balances!
  • CASH AVAILABLE - for those unexpected expenses!
  • Receive an answer within 2 business days
  • FAX your loan application to 973-643-8721 (FAX)

Essex County Employees Federal Credit Union
Phone: 973-643-4738

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate is based on credit score and current situation. Rates may
vary and are subject to change without notice. All Credit Union Loan Policy terms and conditions apply. Credit Union Policy Booklets are available through the Credit Union office. The Credit Union uses your FICO (Fair Isacc Co) score to determine your loan interest rate. More information about your FICO score can be obtained from the Consumer Federation of America


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